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Outdoor recreation resources in Montana’s Greater Ruby Valley make for a sportsman’s paradise and are the source of many a family’s fondest memories. Our Business Directory has several excellent, knowledgeable, local outfitters and guest lodges that are ready to assure you have the type of experience you’ve only dreamed of, whether it’s fishing, hunting, or a family vacation.


Ruby Valley in Madison County Montana, is in the heart of the best fly-fishing in the lower 48. Famous blue-ribbon trout streams, the Beaverhead, Big Hole, and Ruby Rivers have their confluence near the town of Twin Bridges, where they become the Jefferson River. Two of the top fly-rod makers in the country call Twin Bridges home, as do many highly qualified fishing outfitters/guides.

Hiking, Horseback Trails & Camping

Surrounded by 7 mountain ranges — Tobacco Roots, Ruby Range, Gravelly Range, Green Horn, Snowcrest, Madison Range, and the Blacktail– the greater Ruby Valley has access to a full variety of backcountry experiences. Whether you are looking for an easy afternoon hike and a picnic along a lake, or whether you want to spend your vacation or summer camping, hiking, horseback riding, and exploring in the heart of the Rockies, you can base your adventure in one of our friendly small towns, camp in one of the several established campgrounds, or if you’re lucky (or brave), you may be able to rent a Forest Service cabin.


You can’t talk about Montana Outdoors without talking about the hunting opportunities in southwest Montana. The Greater Ruby Valley lies in Montana Hunting Districts 320, 322, and 330. Bow hunting begins a few weeks prior to rifle season. Species include elk, deer, moose, bear, and more. Check Montana’s Fish, Wildlife, and Parks site here for complete information. Do-it-yourself or experience a fully guided hunt with one of our reputable member outfitters.


Bicyclers traversing the state of Montana are common visitors to the greater Ruby Valley. Both on and off the beaten path. One under-discovered jewel along their path is the free Bike Camp located on the banks of the Beaverhead on the edge of Twin Bridges. Called the Bill White Bike Camp after its builder, the simple facility provides basic, but much appreciated needs of an enclosed, screened sleeping area, a workbench, electrical outlets, microwave, literature and maps, message board, and more. Watch this review by a pleasantly surprised bicycle traveler.
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