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Environmental Services

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Baker Light Industries

Renewable energy contractor. Solar electric, solar thermal, wood fired boilers, and ground source heat pumps.

Ruby Habitat Foundation (Woodson Ranch)

A private, non-profit foundation dedicated to preserving and enhancing the natural resources and social and economic make-up of the Ruby Valley and Southwest Montana.

Miller Recreational Development

Miller Recreational Development (MRD) provides environmentally sound aquatic restoration solutions that result in healthy waterways which tangibly benefit aquatic environments and provide corollary improvements to wildlife habitat. Our work on degraded properties transforms these lands into more viable real estate for investors. Our projects for private land owners result in prized recreational land, and public projects make a more sustainable resource for public use.

WWC Engineering

Multi-disciplinary, professional firm specializing in Civil/Site, Environmental, Land Development, Mining, Municipal, NEPA, Oil & Gas, Planning, Roads/Bridges, Surveying, Water/Wastewater and Water Resources services.

Morse Land Company

Stewardship and Conservation are resource management cornerstones on Morse Land, enhancing habitat diversity for wildlife and fish. Agricultural operations are conducted in balance with natural environment.

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